I hereby certify the to the best of my knowledge my dog is in good health and is carrying no infectious diseases.  

I agree to be held fully responsible for all actions and behaviours of both myself, my dog, and any of my guests during classes held by DogWorks Training Inc.  I will absolve DogWorks Training Inc., its owners and staff for any damage which may occur to myself, my dog, my property (including vehicle) and all those whom I bring to classes.

DogWorks Training Inc, its owners and staff will not be responsible for any liability from the actions of dogs and handlers and or other persons attending these classes and on the premises. 

 I understand that in some classes we will be doing canine sports, and I may be placing myself and my dog into situations which may incur injury (such as: asking my dog to perform agility obstacles).  At no point will DogWorks Training Inc., its owners or staff, be held responsible for any injury to myself, my dog, or my visitors before, during and after classes. 

I agree to only bring my dog to class when my dog is healthy and showing no signs of being sick or injured.

I agree to absolve DogWorks Training Inc. of any liability if I, my guests, or my dogs contract any illness. 

I agree to keep my dog on-leash at all times while outside the premises of DogWorks Training Inc. located at 3133 Sumner Ave, Burnby, BC.

DogWorks Training Inc. 2020