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This past weekend, the best Agility dogs from all around BC and the Yukon competed in the 2019 AAC Regional Championships!

DogWorks Students Results:
๐ŸŒŸ18 Podium Finishes (top 6) and 3 Regional Champions!!! WOW!!!!๐ŸŒŸ

Congrats to all of you whether it was a podium finish, an amazing run, or some moments of brilliance and connection! So happy that so many of you stepped up to the plate and competed at such a big event!

8โ€ reg
๐Ÿ†1) Scenik (Toy Poodle) - Caroline Laycock 616.61
๐Ÿ…4) Beau (Jack Russel Terrier) - Corinne Scott 480.85
7) Kevin (All Canadian) - Beverley Merrick 422.69
9) Tanq (Hunt Terrier) - Sandy Stephenson 376.45

12โ€ reg
๐Ÿ…5) Camilla (Miniature Schnauzer) - Karolyn Jackson 523.07
9) Smudge (Miniature Poodle) - Melissa Willms 455.51
12) Teegan (Shetland Sheepdog) - Kelly Moon 443.45
17) Sophie (Shetland Sheepdog) - Barbara Moffatt 394.20
29) Stella (Jack Russell Terrier) - Beverley Merrick 178.93

16โ€ reg
21) Giggles (All Canadian) โ€“ Liz Werner 269.00

20โ€ reg
๐Ÿ†1) Torque (Koolie) - Dove Cresswell 600.23
๐Ÿฅˆ2) Crush (Border Colie) - Wendy Alexander 598.28
8) Tinnie (Australian Kelpie) - Sherry Taylor 508.79
16) Hurricane (Border Collie) - Elke Starr 483.27
22) Motion (Border Collie) - Wendy Alexander 467.58
23) Kasper (Aussie) - Christina Shalaby 462.92
38) Twizzle (Australian Kelpie) - Christine Woodley 370.37
47) Asti (Australian Shepherd) - Anthea Young Miller 280.00

24โ€ reg
7) Patch (Border Collie) - Laurie Morriss 489.38
11) Hazelnut (All Canadian) โ€“ Alexis Glerean 394.41
12) Lulu (Border Collie) - Sylvie Fefer 390.55

4โ€ spec
๐Ÿ…4) Bella (All Canadian) - Corinne Scott 418.37

8โ€ spec
๐Ÿฅ‰3) Abner (Shetland Sheepdog) - Kirsten Robertson 501.41

12โ€ spec
๐Ÿฅˆ2) Zumba (Sheltie) - Helen Laycock 524.28
๐Ÿฅ‰3) Takoda (Polish Lowland Sheepdog) - Shelley Anderson 495.76
๐Ÿ…6) Tango (English Cocker Spaniel) โ€“ Shelley Mujagic 436.16

16โ€ spec
๐Ÿฅˆ2) Rikki (All Canadian) - Julia Schwark 572.26
16) Flare (Australian Shepherd) โ€“ Kelvin Chan 377.59
20) Sonic (Border Collie) - Dorothy Craig 323.43
25) Joey (Australian Cattle Dog) โ€“ Robyn Schenk 14.00

20โ€ spec
๐Ÿฅˆ2) Koda (Australian Shepherd) - Peggy Tunks 430.56
๐Ÿ…4) Lucy (All Canadian) โ€“ Hannah Kinnie 392.44

8โ€ vets
๐Ÿฅ‰3) Onni (Miniature Schnauzer) - Eileen Tuulos 620.72
๐Ÿ…4) William Wallace (Miniature Poodle) - Tracey Mallinson 544.10

12โ€ vets
๐Ÿฅˆ2) Kayden (All Canadian) - Tanya Wyss 605.87
๐Ÿฅ‰3) Java (Mini Aussie) - Ellen Kilpatrick 558.28
7) Chili (Border Colie) - Frances Johnson 433.09
9) Padraig (Wheaten Terrier) - Laurel Brunke 395.92
10) Fintan (Shetland Sheepdog) - Kelly Moon 395.50
11) Jack Sparrow (Kleinpudle) - Chris Elias 353.11

16โ€ vets
10) Dawson (Australian Shepherd) - Peggy Tunks 501.01
14) Kane (Aussie) - Mary Federici 374.21

16โ€ DD vets
๐Ÿ†1) Beezer (All Canadian) - Faren Sandberg 592.71
14) Teddy (Golden Retriever) - Jenny Barnes 201.92

Junior Handler (under 19)
๐Ÿฅˆ2) Lucy (All Canadian) โ€“ Hannah Kinnie
๐Ÿฅ‰3) Joey (Australian Cattle Dog) โ€“ Robyn Schenk

Way to go Team DogWorks!!!

Welcome to DogWorks!

DogWorks offers a wideย selection of classes using only positive,ย reward-based training.ย  We pride ourselves inย providing professional training by well-educated, caring instructors.

We believe in teaching a dog what we want them to do rather than focusing on what we don't want them to do!

Our classes are targeted to both the serious dogsport enthusiast as well as those focused purely on fun!ย  We offer a variety of group dog classes including Agility, Rally-Obedience, Puppy Classes and more! We also offer private trainingย too!



DogWork's own Wendy Alexander and her dog Crush, earned a BRONZE MEDAL in Biathalon at the 2019 WORLD AGILITY OPEN!!

Way to go Wendy & Crush!


DogWorks UpDog Challenge Disc Dog Trial

CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTRY FORM: Disc Trial Sept 2019 premium
Come out and play some fun UpDog games with your dogs!
DATE: Mon Sept 2nd (Labour Day Stat)
LOCATION: Eagle Mountain Park (1799 Eagle Mountain Dr. Coquitlam, BC)
Outdoor on Grass
Spaced Out
4Way Play
+An FEO Freestyle Showcase round!
JUDGES: Teddy Georgieva and Adam Yorko
Limited Entry
Closing date: Aug 26, 2019 (or when full)