We only offer private sessions in Burnaby, East Vancouver and The Tri-Cities. 

If you need recommendations for other experienced, certified trainers in your area, we would be happy to email you a list.

 In-Person Private Training Sessions

Our Private Training sessions are available for East Vancouver, Burnaby, and the Tri-Cities.

We can schedule sessions that best fit your schedule!

Cost is $250 for the first 2 sessions.

                  Each session is 1 hour long.

Additional sessions can be booked singularly or in groups for $125 / hr.



Which type of sessions should I start with?

Which sessions (virtual or outdoor) are most recommended for you will depend on your location and training goals!

When you contact us, we will ask you about your training goals and location and will make recommendations based on that and your personal preference!

For puppies, virtual sessions are usually best to start with, as so much of their training starts at home!


Our behaviour private trainers are Tara Tower and Maria Adams!

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