As the Covid-19 situation continues to develop, in person dog training classes are still being put on hold for everyone’s safety.

However, we are offering Virtal Private Training and Outdoors in-person private sessions, so we can maintain distance!



Online Virtual Private Training Sessions

Our virtual training sessions take place using Zoom video conferencing.

This way we’re able to work on skills right in your own home, while maintaining distance!

We can schedule sessions that best fit your schedule!

Cost is $99 + gst / 1 hour


Outdoors In-Person Private Training Session

Our outdoors privates are available for East Vancouver and Burnaby areas.

We work outdoors in larger areas so that we can maintain social distancing, while still helping you work towards your training goals!

We can schedule sessions that best fit your schedule!

Cost is $110 +travel fee + gst / 1 hour

Travel fee is based on distance and is billed at $1/km from our Burnaby facility (3133 Sumner Ave) one way only. 



To book a session, send us an e-mail at dove.dogworks@gmail.com!


Covid-19 precautions:

To help ensure the continued health of our instructor and students, we have implemented the following measures for in-person outdoor privates:

  • We maintain proper distance from our clients and their dogs
  • We sanitize our hands and equipment before and after each appointment
  • We bring our own leash/long-line to appointments so that if we need to demonstrate something, we are not in contact with your leash.

Which type of sessions should I start with?

Which sessions (virtual or outdoor) are most recommended for you will depend on your location and training goals!

When you contact us, we will ask you about your training goals and location and will make recommendations based on that and your personal preference!

For puppies, virtual sessions are usually best to start with, as so much of their training starts at home!


Our behaviour private trainer is Tara Tower! Read more about her here: TARA TOWER

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