Trick Dog Titles

DID YOU KNOW you can earn official Trick Titles with your dog?

Now you can have fun teaching tricks to your dog, and then you get to show them off to earn your titles!

DogWorks can help you earn your Trick Dog Titles through Do More With Your Dog!

Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) is a recognized sanctioning body for the sport of Dog Tricks, and they issue official Trick Dog Titles for dogs who can perform a variety of dog tricks!
There are four standard trick title levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. 

Then you can also earn the Trick Dog Champion and Trick Dog Grand Champion titles!

There are also Masters level titles and fun Specialty titles to earn too!


In order to earn your Trick Titles, first you need to teach your dog some fun tricks! 

Different tricks are considered different levels of difficulty and so will apply to certain titles. Check the tricks section below for more information on which tricks to work on!

Then you need to have a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) witness those tricks.

Both DogWorks Trick instructors, Dove and Julia, are Certified Trick Dog Instructors, and can witness your tricks for you to earn titles!

Once one of us has witnessed and approved your tricks, (see Witnessing section below) and you have shown enough tricks to earn the title, you can submit the title application to earn your title!

You will get a Title Certificate and can also receive a Ribbon and other goodies!


Click this link for the Novice Title checklist: Novice Title Checklist

Click this link for the Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Title checklists: Int, Adv, Exp Title Checklists

Want to look into the Masters, Champion, or Specialty titles? You can find those requirements here: Other Title Requirements


There are MANY more tricks than they can list on the checklists above.

You can find a larger list of all the most common tricks (listed by level) here: Master List of Dog Tricks

Does your dog know some tricks that aren’t listed on there? Let us know! We can confirm what level they would be for you!


As Certified Trick Dog Instructors, Julia and Dove can witness your tricks for your trick titles!

We can witness your tricks virtually via video!

Just video your dog performing their tricks and upload it to youtube, vimeo, or google drive. Then e-mail us the link or attach the video directly to the e-mail! 

They can be edited together in one video or can be multiple videos. 

Your video(s) need to include:

  • Your full body and your dog’s full body visible
  • Each trick performed at least 2 times

When you’re ready for witnessing you can send can send the video link(s) to: or


Once the trainer has witnessed and approved enough tricks for you to earn a title, you can submit the title application super easily through the Do More With  Your Dog Website!

To submit a title click here: DMWYD Trick Title Application

You receive a title certificate and have the option to also get a ribbon and other swag!  You will also be listed on their “Title Holders” section on the DMWYD website!


Witnessing is FREE via video 🙂 Our trainers LOVE watching your awesome dogs do their tricks, so we do not charge for our trick video witnessing. We just ask for a little patience as we do the witnessing around our busy training schedule. 

You only need to pay the title application fee and shipping (if you picked a physical item option). Cost varies depending on the title and which certificate and swag options you pick.

We can’t wait to witness all of your amazing dog’s tricks!

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