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DogWorks Agility Fun Match

December 16th, 2017
at Cotonfield Dog Centre (27882 Quinton Ave, Abbotsford BC)

1 each of Starters/Advanced/Masters Standard
1 each of Starters/Advanced/Masters Gamblers
1 each of Starters/Advanced/Masters Gamblers
1 Steeplechase

With Esteemed Judge: Wendy Alexander

November 18th & 19th
at DogWorks Training Burnaby (6976 Palm Ave, Burnaby)


4 Rounds Novice
4 Rounds Advanced
4 Rounds Excellent
3 Rounds Versatility
1 Round Versatility Excellent
2 Rounds Working Class Subclass I
2 Rounds of Working Class Subclass II

With Esteemed Judges: Emma Bell and Julia Schwark


Caro rally event poster-page-001


May 6-7th

Photos and Results Post


So VERY proud of all our DogWorks Rally-Obedience competitors this past weekend!

We had a wonderful time hosting our first 2-ring Rally-O trial, and we, as instructors, were all beaming with pride watching all the accomplishments of our students and dogs! It was a weekend of successes, not just for our own students but for all the competitors!

We awarded 22(!!!) Titles over the weekend!

Hazel/Colleen – Novice Title
Freyja/Rachael – Novice Title
Hugo/Dawn – Novice Title
Snowy/Marianne – Novice Title
Pearl/Marian – Novice Title
Nemo/Mike – Novice Title
Justin/Jane – Novice Title
Juno/Jane – Advanced Title
Barkley/Lisa – Advanced Title
Torque/Dove – Excellent Title
Rikki/Julia – Versatility Excellent Title
Rikki/Julia – Working Class Rookie II Title
Malcolm/Emma – Versatility Excellent Title
Kasper/Christina – Excellent Title
Sadie/Megan – Novice Title
Eddie/Lâle – Gold Championship Title
Eddie/Lâle – MASTER Champion Title
Qiss/Lâle – Bronze Championship Title
Gin/Cathie – Advanced Title
Kevin/Stephanie – Excellent Title
Tazra/Louise – Novice Title
Avis/Mary – Advanced Title

Our Saturday High In Trial Rosette went to Julia & Rikki!
Our Sunday High in Trial Rosette went to Mary & Avis!

Congratulations to everyone that participated!
And all those hardworking dogs who tried so hard for you deserve some extra love tonight 🙂

And a special thank you to our amazing Judges Patricia Hunt, and Jeanne Shaw - who even donated her judging fees to the Happy Dogs Legacy Fund! It was an awesome opportunity for all of us to trial under these two accomplished judges! And an additional thanks to Judy Miller for judging ringside for all the shadow judges - There will be more local CARO Rally Judges soon! (Including DogWorks instructors Dove Cresswell and Julia Schwark!) Thank you to all of our judges, competitors, and volunteers - we wouldn't have had such a successful trial without you all!



DogWorks Agility Fun Match

January 14th, 2017

CLICK HERE to check out the Facebook Event Page for results and photos!


DogWorks CARO Rally-Obedience Trial

December 10th & 11th, 2016


Check out the photos from the event on our Facebook page: HERE


 DogWorks Agility Fun Match

May 14th, 2016


27882 Quinton Ave

Abbotsford, B.C.

RESULTS: Advanced Gamblers Advanced Jumpers 1 Advanced Jumpers 2 Advanced Standard Starters Gamblers Starters Jumpers 1 Starters Jumpers 2 Starters Standard Tunnelers