Positive Puppy Classes


DogWorks is not currently running any GROUP dog training classes until further notice. 

We know that this is a crucial time for our puppies for learning socialization and life skills, and starting as soon as possible is best! We have a some additional resources for you!

We are offering Virtual Puppy Training Privates that connects you with our trainer to do a puppy private in the comfort of your own home! Contact us for more information!

As of March 30th, 2020 - we are still running 1-on-1 Private training sessions outdoors in Burnaby and East Vancouver. Please e-mail us to inquire about private training sessions, and if your training goals would be appropriate for outdoor training sessions.

There is also an Online Puppy Training Course for additional puppy training resources!

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Our Puppy Classes will give you the skills to start your puppy out right for a lifetime of fun companionship!

IMG_5621We offer Positive Puppy classes for puppies under 18 weeks old, taught by a certified positive reinforcement trainer to ensure you and your puppy have all the skills you need to get off to a great start!

The Positive Puppy Class is taught by Tara Tower, who is a certified Dog Trainer through DogStars and the Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainers. Higher Education for dog trainers means we can give you and your puppy THE BEST training start!

Is your puppy older than 18 weeks? We also offer PUPPY TEEN CLASSES for older puppies! The class works on building their obedience foundations and learning more fun training games!



Puppy class will cover:

  • Proper socialization techniques
  • Positive first experiences for your puppy
  • Puppy basic manners (no jumping up, whining, etc)
  • Basic training (come when called, sit, down, stay, etc.)
  • To be calm in the house
  • Reliable house training
  • Sharing (toys, food, bones)
  • To use teeth on toys/chews instead of you
  • Polite behavior around children/guests
  • To walk nicely on leash
  • To be happy in their crate or pen
  • introduction to using a clicker or verbal marker for more effective training
  • Fun learning games you can play with your puppy!



If you have imported a dog/puppy from outside Canada or the US, please DO NOT attend classes until you've had the dog for over 2 weeks with no signs of illness.

This is to allow for an initial bonding period and health guarantee before attending class. You must have has the dog home and with no signs of illness for at least 2 weeks before the 1st class. If you signed up for a class, but your dog shows signs of illness please do not attend class the next class, and contact us right away.

If your dog barks excessively around other dogs (and cannot easily be stopped with a toy or food) we ask that you please contact us to schedule a private session before joining a group class, so that we can work on the barking before joining a more exciting group class. While we understand your dog may just be excited or nervous around the other dogs, if the dogs are constantly barking it is unfair to the students who cannot hear the instructor, and the instructor who has to try to talk over barking dogs.

Need help with this? Let us know, we're happy to help!


If your dog is reactive (i.e. lunges, barks etc towards other dogs and/or people), and requires a personal bubble of space from other dogs or people, we will accommodate your dog as long as you have previously or are currently working with a positive reinforcement trainer on your dog's reactivity, so that you are skilled at managing your dog in a group setting.

Need a trainer for this? Let us know! We are happy to help!

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