Rally-Obedience Classes

What is Rally-Obedience?

“Rally-O” (Rally Obedience) is a FUN and purely positive form of perfecting your dog’s obedience! In Rally-O you will learn lots of neat obedience exercises to do with your dog, then how to navigate a course set out with signs that instruct the team what to do.

Rally-O is also a competitive dog sport open to all dogs to compete in, regardless of age, breed or any physical limitations! Competing is totally optional, but many of our students compete and are VERY successful at trials, earning titles for their dog, and nice ribbons to enjoy!
At DogWorks we teach CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) skills, but the skills are extremely transferable to other Rally organizations (such as CKC, UKC, or ASCA).

Why try Rally-O?

  • Perfect your dog’s obedience in a1980108_10152028616637045_6809100238773440248_o fun and upbeat training style.
  • Classes are 100% positive (physical correction-free training).
  • Excellent class for every dog, from shy to enthusiastic, all dogs will benefit.
  • Build a better relationship with your dog and increase your bond.
  • Advance your dog’s obedience training, and your handling and training skills.
  • Have the option to compete and earn Rally-Obedience titles with your dog.

Dog Sport Class Flow Chart

Intro to Rally-Obedience

$275 + gst
  • This class is for dogs and handlers who are brand new to Rally-Obedience.
  • 6 x 1 hour classes
  • Up to 6 dogs per class

Rally-O Novice

$275 + gst
  • This class is for dogs and handlers who have completed Intro to Rally-O or have taken Rally-O classes before
  • 6 x 1 hour classes
  • Up to 5 dogs per class

All other levels of Rally-O

$250 + gst
  • For the dogs who are continuing to train in Rally Obedience.
  • 6 x 1 hour classes
  • Up to 5 dogs per class
  • New classes start every 6 weeks.

If you have already taken Rally-O classes and are looking for a higher level class, please e-mail us. 

Additional Class Information

Pre-Requisites for Rally Obedience Classes: 

  • Dogs must be at least 5 months old
  • Dogs must be able to focus and work with you while around other dogs (within 6 feet) 

Reactive and/or Barking Dogs:

If your dog is reactive (i.e. lunges, barks etc towards other dogs and/or people), and requires a personal bubble of space from other dogs or people, we will accommodate your dog as long as you have previously or are currently working with a positive reinforcement trainer on your dog’s reactivity, so that you are skilled at managing your dog in a group setting. Your dog must also be comfortable working at the same time as other dogs on the training floor within 6 feet without reacting. 

If your dog still needs work on this, we do offer private Rally Obedience lessons. Go to our Contact Us page to reach out to us for private Rally-O training. 

If your dog barks excessively around other dogs (and cannot easily be stopped with a toy or food) we ask that you please contact us to schedule a private session before joining a group class, so that we can work on the barking before joining a more exciting group class. While we understand your dog may just be excited or nervous around the other dogs, if the dogs are constantly barking it is unfair to the students who cannot hear the instructor, and the instructor who has to try to talk over barking dogs.

Need help with this? Let us know, we’re happy to help!


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