Elisha McCallum

Paws Squad Agility Club President, CPDT-KA (in progress)

Elisha McCallum teaches agility foundations, starters and advanced classes on Fridays and Saturdays as well as offers one-to-one private coaching on weekends.

In addition to her instructor role, Elisha has also been a DogWorks student for many years, learning and growing her own skills with her Jack Russell terriers. Elisha is currently working towards completion of her Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) certification, to support her two decades of personal and professional experience.

Elisha has trained and competed in agility locally and nationally since 2000, and brings a great deal of
enthusiasm, positivity and unique problem solving to her approach to training – she is rarely without an
always full bag of the tastiest treats for extra canine motivation, making her a favourite of many of her

Elisha has also participated in and trained nosework, tricks, rally obedience and lure coursing,
as she believes well exercised and mentally engaged dogs make the best companions.

When she is not teaching, Elisha can be found at local agility trials actively competing with her current
agility dogs Detour & Traffic, supporting and coaching her students as they compete at events, attending
and emceeing local agility demonstrations at community events to raise awareness of the benefits of
dog sports, and is the President of the local canine sports club Paws Squad, an organization that has
nearly thirty active members of all ages and skill levels who hold agility trials, fun matches and seminars
several times a year.

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