Disc Dog Class

Disc Dog Class (Frisbee Dog)


DogWorks is not currently running any GROUP dog training classes until further notice.  

We are running Online Dog Sport Training Classes that you can work on at home with your dog without any special equipment!

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Disc Dog Class (Frisbee Dog)

Torque discDisc Dog or Frisbee Dog is a popular dog sport which is where dogs and their human flying disc throwers compete in events such as distance catching and freestyle disc routines.

This class is for people who want to learn how to throw frisbees better for their dogs, teach dogs how to catch frisbees, and land safely and start learning some of the cool disc dog tricks! 



Open to all dogs but dogs under 1 yr will not be taught to jump for the frisbee yet - they will only chase rollers, and learn groundwork and tricks. 


Level 1 is a humans only class where we work to solidify throwing basiscs and accuracy for a number of  different throws as well as teach the rules for some of the UpDog Disc Challenge competition games. 

Level 2 is where we start to include the dogs and we work to build your dogs drive for the disc as well as perfect timing of our throws for our dogs. We start some of the foundation disc skills your dog will need to know to succeed in Disc. You must attend the "Handler Only" 6-week Level 1 Disc course before joining Level 2.

Level 3 is where we start to take those skills to the next level with "Disc Freestyle" Skills! Tricks, Flips, and Fancy footwork in this class! This class is open to more advanced Disc Teams too!

For levels 2 and 3, Dogs will need to be able to be quiet when waiting their turn indoors, or able to wait in your vehicle.

Dogs MUST have completed a group class (anywhere) prior to registering for this class.
If your dog has not taken group classes anywhere before, we suggest you register in a less active class, such as Rally Obedience Novice 1, or Good Manners Class, to fulfill the pre-requisite and to work on your dog's focus in a group setting and develop a good teamwork relationship with your dog!

This is a very stimulating and active class and can be exciting and distracting for dogs, so ensure that you and your dog are successful and have fun in our Disc Dog program, we need your dog to have participated in a group class previously to learn how to work with you in a class environment.
Please note that Nosework/Tracking classes, or if you attended fewer than 4 classes will not fulfill the prerequisite.

My dog has good obedience already, do I still need the pre-req?

While we can appreciate some people have done a good job training their dog at home, participating in a group class is a different skill for your dog and has nothing to do with how many tricks your dog can do in your living room. The pre-requisite is required for all dogs, and is in place so that you can get the most out of our Disc training program!

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