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DogWorks is not currently running any GROUP dog training classes until further notice.  

We are running Online Agility Foundations Training Classes that you can work on at home with your dog without any special equipment!

Join our ONLINE CLASS wait-list to be notified when we open new classes: CLICK HERE
If they continue to be popular, we will keep running them!


Start your dog off right in agility classes from certified professional trainers who actively compete in agility,  taught with real, competition-grade, safe equipment!



Riot jump wave 2013How do I start Agility?

If you want to get started in Agility, our Agility Foundations is THE place to start!

In Agility Foundations the dogs will learn things like tunnels,  jumps, the table, wobble board, tire jump, A-Frame and Dog-Walk, and many other foundation skills required to advance in agility, from the ground up.  We will focus on fun, safe, and proper training on agility equipment to maximize your dog's enthusiasm, confidence and understanding of agility, as well as correct and motivating dog handling by the owners. 

It is all about FUN though!  Learning will be through positive reinforcement, and games.   Whether you just want to take a fun, active class with your dog, or if you are keen to start your future agility competitor, all are welcome in Foundations Class.

After successful completion of Agility Foundations, you and your pup will be ready to move into Starters 1! In Starters 1 we continue building upon those foundation skills and add the start of weave pole training too!

As you advance through class levels we continue adding more skills and building upon the ones learnt in Agility Foundations. All while having a ton of FUN!

General Class Information

Dogs MUST have completed a group class (anywhere) prior to registering for this class.
If your dog has not taken group classes anywhere before, we suggest you register in a less active class, such as Rally Obedience Novice 1, or Good Manners Class, to fulfill the pre-requisite and to work on your dog's focus in a group setting and develop a good teamwork relationship with your dog!

This is a very stimulating and active class and can be exciting and distracting for dogs, so ensure that you and your dog are successful and have fun at our Agility Foundations program, we need your dog to have participated in a group class previously to learn how to work with you in a class environment.
Please note that Nosework/Tracking classes, or if you attended fewer than 4 classes will not fulfill the prerequisite.

My dog has good obedience already, do I still need the pre-req?

While we can appreciate some people have done a good job training their dog at home, participating in a group class is a different skill for your dog and has nothing to do with how many tricks your dog can do in your living room. The pre-requisite is required for all dogs, and is in place so that you can get the most out of our Agility training program!

  • PRE-REQUISITEYour dog MUST have completed a set of group dog classes prior to registering in Agility Foundations
  • InstructorDove Cresswell & Julia Schwark
  • Class SizeMax 6 in Foundations
    Max 5 in all other Agility levels
  • Class Length6 x 1 hour classes
  • CostAgility Foundations: $175 + GST
    Starters/Advanced/Masters: $160+GST
  • Age Requirementsat least 6 months old
  • Breeds/SizeDogs of all breeds/sizes are welcome
  • Class rulesDogs must be under control at all times.
    You MUST attend class #1 if registered in Agility Foundations. If you are unable to attend the first class you need to schedule a private session to make up the material in order to continue in the class.
  • Junior HandlersHandlers aged 10 and up are welcome! (Parent or guardian MUST be present for all classes for those under 14 years old)
  • GuestsOnly one handler per dog please.
    Human spectators are welcome, but no spectator dogs.
  • Class Location
Julia Schwark, BA, CPDT-KA, CTDI, CARO Judge

Julia Schwark, BA, CPDT-KA, CTDI, CARO Judge


Dog Sport Instructor

Dove Cresswell, CPDT-KA, CTDI, CARO Judge

Dove Cresswell, CPDT-KA, CTDI, CARO Judge

Owner & Instructor

Dog Sport Instructor

If you would like to cancel or refund a class, we need to be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the first class.
For more information about our policies click the "View Policies" button.
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Reactive and/or Barking Dogs:

If your dog is reactive (i.e. lunges, barks etc towards other dogs and/or people), and requires a personal bubble of space from other dogs or people, we will accommodate your dog as long as you have previously or are currently working with a positive reinforcement trainer on your dog's reactivity, so that you are skilled at managing your dog in a group setting.

Need a trainer for this? Let us know! We are happy to help!

Please note: Agility Foundations class is very high energy! If other dogs running/barking/jumping would likely cause your dog to react or be uncomfortable, we recommend starting in a calmer class like Rally-Obedience or Good Manners before joining Agility Foundations.

If your dog barks excessively around other dogs (and cannot easily be stopped with a toy or food) we ask that you please contact us to schedule a private session before joining a group class, so that we can work on the barking before joining a more exciting group class. While we understand your dog may just be excited or nervous around the other dogs, if the dogs are constantly barking it is unfair to the students who cannot hear the instructor, and the instructor who has to try to talk over barking dogs.

Need help with this? Let us know, we're happy to help!


Step 1

Agility Foundations

  • For first time agility dog and handlers - or any one who wishes to work on their foundations skills.
    You MUST be able to attend the first class.
    Please note there is a pre-requisite for this class.
  • Classes in Progress:

Wait-list is currently FULL

The wait-list is currently full, and has been closed to new entries. Once we can get those already on the wait-list into classes, we will re-open the wait-list. We estimate no earlier than Summer 2020, but it may be later.

Step 2

Starters 1

  • For students who have completed Foundations
  • Classes in Progress:

Step 3

Starters 2

  • For students who have completed Starters 1
  • Classes in Progress:

Step 4

Starters 3

  • For students who have completed Starters 2
  • Classes in Progress:

Step 5

Starters 4

  • For students who have completed Starters 3
  • Classes in Progress:

What is after Starters 4?

Once you have completed Foundations and Starters 1-4 you are now able to take our "Advanced" level classes! You can join any of our many Advanced sessions! After you have taken Advanced lessons for a while, when you are ready to move up into Masters classes your instructor will let you know.

Step 6+


  • For students who have completed Starters 4, and are continuing their Agility Training
    Instructor: Dove Cresswell
  • Classes in Progress


  • For students who are training more challenging sequences and competing. Invite Only
    Instructor: Dove Cresswell
  • Classes in Progress
Elisha & Detour & Traffic

"I've been a student of DogWorks for many years and have had the benefit of training a number of my dogs under the guidance of the highly-skilled training team. The variety of classes offered in their year-round indoor facility have helped me become a more aware, well-rounded trainer, develop stronger relationships with my dogs and be able to enjoy my time with them more fully. Being a part of the DogWorks family allows you to join a community of pet owners who are supportive, positive and cheer you on not only during classes, but also during competitions. I recommend DogWorks as a training option for all dog owners, regardless of age or experience who are looking for excellent value, flexibility of training options and schedules with certified trainers who truly care about what is best for you and your dog."

-- Elisha & Detour & Traffic
Su & Aimée

"Aimée started agility classes at Dogworks in the summer of 2017 in the Foundations class and has moved up to the Advanced level. We thought that as she loves to jump, she would benefit from developing agility skills while having fun. Being a timid dog and originally fearful of everything, her confidence has grown and she clearly has a ton of fun at class. She is also visibly stronger and more muscled, as well as better focused, although she can still be a little monkey. Classes are well organized and the perfect size. Dove and Julia are amazing instructors, offering great ideas and encouragement to help each handler work with his/her dog’s limitations, strengths and propensities. I only wish that we had discovered Dogworks earlier as I believe that their puppy classes are excellent too. "

-- Su & Aimée
Cameron & Jake

"The first day of rally-o classes at Dogworks, my dog Jake was a mess. He wouldn't listen, he was scared, noise sensitive and I felt he would be a lost cause. Jake being already 3 years old I thought maybe it was too late to train him. But Julia never gave up. She said by the end of the course you won't believe you have the same dog, and she was right! Following her advice and instructions, and with lots of practicing at home, at the end Jake was happy, focused and listening to my commands. This gave me the confidence that we could do this. After rally-o I signed up for agility foundations with Dove. I really appreciate how much work she puts into making sure the dogs have a solid foundation to set them up for success. Everything we do in class has a clear purpose. She can explain how the dogs move and think and we never learn a move or technique just because. There is always an emphasis on safety and never pressuring your dog into doing something they don't want to do. Jake has now been in agility for about 1 year and he loves every class. He is confident and happy because of the safe and fun environment Dogworks creates . He has recently completed his first trial where he blew away all my expectations. I'm very excited to continue training with the Dogworks team and can't wait to expand on our skills."

-- Cameron & Jake
Anna & Maya

"Maya enjoyed herself so much so, that she had the zoomies while practicing tunnels with other dogs around in class! We hope to continue agility classes at Dog Works and consistently use the tools that we learned with Maya. We’ve seen a vast improvement with her reactivity and are thrilled that the training efforts we put into working with Maya is paying off! A big thank you to the Dog Works team, although we live in Vancouver your training insights are definitely worth the drive into Burnaby! We highly recommend Dog Works and cannot say enough good things about them!"

-- Anna & Maya
Jenny & Phoebe & Fergus

"Both of my dogs have benefitted uniquely from the Dogworks classes we have taken: Agility; Rally; Nosework; and Service Dog Behaviours. My relationship with my dog improves exponentially and the fun we have invigorates them , increasing their self-confidence and ultimately helping them to be Happy Dogs. In 40 years of doing dog-sports, mostly non-competitively, I have found Dogworks teachers to be the most skilled, warm, and versatile, and have made 'dog school' a fun place to be."

-- Jenny & Phoebe & Fergus
Marj & Zen

"Have been taking classes at Dogworks for about 2 years. Excellent instructors with Dove and Julia. Still learning a lot! [We] have progressed to the Advanced Level. Best deal is for a nominal fee, I can book the facility for practice after my lesson and during the rainy season. [...] I recommend the semi private lessons with a friend. "

-- Marj & Zen
Krista & Colt

" I really enjoyed my classes at DogWorks. Dove is the best agility instructor I have had to date and I have had a few over the years. I highly recommend her when people ask."

-- Krista & Colt